AMAZON. Barack Obama and his way to presidency: how did the internet help him to become The President of The United States of America

This Speech made Obama President. I think, it’s true. Watch this historical moment in 2004.

This is a book about Barack Obamas story. If you read it, you will know about how did the internet help him become the President of The United States of America. This book is about tools, people and their hard work for supporting Barack Obama.

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Table of Contents

  • Communication via the Internet vs. traditional forms of communication

1. Internet as a tool: usage and development

  • Media in the United States
  • Electronic media
  • The development of candidates’ websites

2. Using internet communication in practice

  • The origins of candidates’ websites
  • George Bush vs. John Kerry 2004
  • An election campaign and primaries
  • WWW’s another face in 2008
  • Dashboard
  • Google and search engine advertising
  • Google Analytics
  • Grassroots organizing
  • Internet fundraising
  • YouTube
  • Songs and YouTube in campaigns
  • Celebrities in election campaigns
  • Romney’s 47 percent
  • A virtual candidate: a second life
  • Phones and smartphones
  • Facebook 2012
  • Gadgets
  • A candidate’s opponents

3. An internet campaign and democracy

  • The campaign of 2012 and earlier election campaigns
  • Political Action Committee


  • The role of media in political marketing
  • Democracy changes

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